Our company

Creative Juice Communications is an events company that thinks strategy. We conceptualize events based on sound marketing concepts, making event elements purely focused and on-strat, ensuring that essential communication points for your brand is delivered– sometimes subliminaly, sometimes directly, always intentionally.

We are an events company with a digital view. We capture audiences with the experiential advantage of events integrated with the experience of social media.

We are an events company with logistics expertise. We are there before, during, and after. We are your partner in growth and profitability.

Why do events?

People are bombarded with shelves of products and long aisles of messaging, Creative Juice Communications makes a brand stand-out with freshly squeezed ideas that leave the public wanting more.

Event marketing is an indispensable part of below-the-line marketing strategies. It is an effective communication tool that engages target audiences in experiential activities. Simply put, during an event, your target audience experiences a product firsthand and becomes open to the messaging you want to convey.  Brands must capitalize on the experiential advantage of events to be in touch with its audience, be a top-of-mind name, and increase market share.

Why invest in CRM?

After the face-to-face engagement opportunity gained through events, brand-customer relationships may be grown through customer relations management (CRM). In 2011, finance site 24/7 Wall St named the Philippines as the social networking capital of the world. An estimated 11 million Filipinos log on every day, widening the potential of reaching customers and expanding market share. Brands that utilize social media efficiently, backed up by  a strong and sound CRM strategy will definitely have an edge in being the brand of choice.